The Development of Honu Spa

Honu Spa

"I love my new website!! Dominic created a beautiful and easy to use site that gives me great web presence. He made an effort to understand my business in order to build my custom site. He told me exactly what I need to give him so it made the process super easy for me. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dominic!"

-Minako Lindsey, Honu Spa Owner

About the Project

Honu Spa is a massage and spa located in downtown Kona, HI. The site is a prime example of an informative site that is appealing to the eye and optimized to compete with keywords in search engines.

Technology Used

Honu Spa uses a LAMP* architecture. Besides development, both Photoshop and Illustrator were used in the creation and design of all illustrations illustrations seen on Honu Spa. I was provided all photography from a local photographer.

The sea turtle logo, or "honu" is a special logo I created for Honu Spa. Along with the site and logo, I also made Honu Spa's employees business cards and letterheads that match the site's theme.

English Honu Spa Business Card
Japanese Honu Spa Business Card


Honu Spa is an informative site for Honu Spa current and future clients. There isn't much functionality or technology put into it.

Language System: Honu Spa caters to English and Japanese clients. The whole site shifts between the two languages based on which you select. It is separate files so Honu Spa is optimized for both English and Japanese search engines.

Contact System: A simple contact form that emails Honu Spa with the user's interested and concerns.


LAMP: Acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. This is a typical system coding stack for PHP web developers.